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Cooking Italian Style

Cooking Italian style
Cooking Italian style


Potatoes baked in the oven with Rosemary


Italian cooking is all about fresh ingredients, locally grown and prepared simply.


From risotto and polenta, to pasta, gnocchi and of course, pizza, it always seems to taste so much better when in Italy. Albeit big distribution, supermarket and foreign markets make available fresh ingredients all year long, Italians know that a given food tastes great only in its season. Think about the elusive artichoke.


In this section you will learn the secrets of authentic Italian cuisine: how make your own pizza or cook your pasta the Italian way, and many other secrets.


Of course, nothing beat using the right ingredients. That's why we will dispel some popular misconception about Italian cuisine (no, we don’t use salad dressing, even if the can says original Italian) and we'll try to suggest alternatives to those ingredients that are difficult to find outside Italy.


We will also give you a bit of touristic advice and point a few of what we consider the best restaurants in the main Italian cities.

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