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'Prank' may have led to death of man pushed onto rocks (5)

(ANSA) - Bari, May 3 - A prank may have been behind the death of Giuseppe Dibello, a 77-year-old who drowned at Monopoli, near Bari, on Tuesday after being pushed onto seaside rocks, sources said Wednesday. Two young people, aged 15 and 17, have been arrested on suspicion of causing the death, judicial sources said. It had initially been suspected that Dibello had been pushed onto the rocks during a robbery. But the reconstruction of events appears clearer after testimony from an elderly friend of the victim who survived the attack. The two teens were called in for questioning overnight in relation to the incident. Prosecutors attached to the Bari juvenile court formally opened a probe into Dibello's death Wednesday evening. Charges against the two youths were yet to be formulated.

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