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Toledo underground station
Tuesday, May 24TH, 2016 by Anna De Filippo
toledo underground naples
In Italy, art is alive, it is something to be seen and enjoyed every day.  Something to live not only in museums, but also during everyday's rush and routine. This is the philosophy underlying the building of what has been defined by the Daily Telegraph as the "most impressive underground railway...
 Archaeological area of Pompeii: roman ruins after the Vesuvius eruption Ph. depositphoto/sailorr   Stepping into the ancient towns of Pompeii, Herculaneum and Torre Annunziata (often referred to as Forgotten Cities) is like stepping back in time. Indeed, time seems to have...
Pompeii's erotic fresco
Monday, August 26TH, 2013 by
erotic pompeii
 Pompeii's Phallus: Eroticism in Ancient Italy   A reproduction of Erotic fresco by Sergio Bonometti ( )   The first thing that becomes evident once past the entrance gate at the present-day site of the city of Pompeii (fee approximately 10 Euros) is...