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The Holy Shroud
Saturday, April 18TH, 2015 by
holy shroud
Sacra Sindone - the Holy Shroud   The Holy Shroud (believed by many faithful to bear the image of dead Jesus) was exhibited from April 19 to June 24, 2015.   Since 1578 the Shroud is held in the Cathedral of San Giovanni in Turin, but usually it is not shown in public. The latest "Ostensioni", the...
Turin History
Saturday, December 06TH, 2014 by
turin history
Torino by night   Turin is the capital of the Piedmont region and is located in the northwest area of Italy. Torino, as the Italians call it, is a major industrial city that lies along the Po River. The Po stretches from Mount Monviso in the Alpie Cozie (Southwestern Alps...
Turin and the Salone Internazionale del Gusto Terra Madre 2014
Tuesday, October 28TH, 2014 by Francesca Bezzone
salone internazionale del gusto
  Turin barely needs to scrub up for a  date: she is magnificent, no matter what. She is haughty, self assured and confident, aware of her charms and beauty, even when she wakes up after a night of debauchery and too little sleep. An old time tempress, Turin gets me every time: as a moody teenager...